My Story

African Gift Collection Liz

I'm Lizette, Founder of African Gift Collection.

I grew up in South Africa and followed my late husband to the UK in 2007.  Settling into my new country took a little time and there were a few homesick moments which I lightened with a pile of South African interior magazines I'd brought over with me.  It was then that the idea for my business came to me, paging through these mags and rediscovering the beautifully crafted items made by the creative hands of Southern African artisans.

I've been lucky enough to meet most of the creatives featured in the African Gift Collection, scattered as they are across South Africa and beyond, and it makes my curation personal and heartfelt. 

I'm passionate about working with these talented artisans.  Our collaboration not only helps to empower them and maintain fair trade ethics, it also shines a light on the skills and quality of the goods coming from Africa.

Seeing a satisfied customer enjoying the fine handiwork and skill of their chosen gift brings me joy and reminds me that there is place for all of us under the sun.

Thank you to everyone who supports us as a small business.  Your continued support helps us all to continue our work with the talented crafters who create the beautiful goods we sell.