Our Story

Unity is Strength

South Africa’s motto, in the Khoisan language, is !ke e: /xarra //ke , which means “diverse people unite”.  It replaces the previous motto ‘Ex unitate vires’, which, in Latin means “unity is strength”.

So, in practical terms: We knew Dawn had created something special.  We knew Lizette had created something amazing.  And thus, if we apply the country motto they grew up with in South Africa, we know that united they are stronger.

The African continent it creative, colourful and alive with energy and passion. Dawn & Lizette’s commitment to their roots is to be the voice for communities that don’t have a way to ‘shout’ about the amazing things they do.

The Team

Lizette has been selling hugely successful African products through her dadacraft business. After taking a year out to re-assess and decide on her new direction, she is now ready to take the next step in her business.

Lizette Carter

Dawn has been in the online retail space for over 5 years after training with some of the world’s best and most successful marketers in Las Vegas.

How they came together

In 2015 Dawn and Lizette met at a Southern African business lunch in Bath. They instantly ‘clicked’ and started working together on Celebrate Southern African in the South West of England.

Lizette moved on to work on other projects, and the Celebrate Southern Africa brand continued under Dawn’s leadership, growing into a highly successful business community, a podcast, and online radio show which runs alongside the annual market.

In 2019 their talents, skills and passions aligned and thus the brand-new AFRICAN GIFT COLLECTION was born!

African Gift Collection

Together these two ladies are great at generating ideas!

But the most important element of this union, is a passion to make a difference.  With African Gift Collection can we help support and promote community groups that are not only teaching skills, but creating jobs in sometimes isolated regions, empowering individuals to provide for their families.  At the core of the Collection is to be the ‘voice’ for those who don’t feel they have one. We stand for community, collaboration and care and we thus want to do the very best for the community groups and of course, have fun while doing it.

The Gifts

Dawn & Lizette import unique African gifts from community groups that support and empower men and women. The groups are often poor, isolated, generally in high unemployment areas and are mostly made up of women.

These incredibly talented makers learn new skills and grow as individuals, but most importantly, they reduce their economic isolation and are able to provide for their families.

The gorgeous gifts are either recycled, created using socially responsible techniques and the fabrics and components are ethically sourced.

Dawn & Lizette have a goal is to share Africa with the world – celebrate the wonderful continent and her incredible culture and people.

Thank you for helping them make a difference!