Ameera Tree Topper

Malaika Range




Ameera is a stunning and impressive angel, gracious with her 3D crocheted silver wings, adorned with pearly white beads. She has a beaded crown and a silver lined beaded choker around her neck. Ameera features a hidden wire coil for attaching to the treetop. The tree topper version can also stand on its’ own, making Ameera ideal as a centre piece on your table. She comes with a Karoo Angels branded linen bag for safe storage.  Ameera means ‘princess’ and also ‘top of the tree’. Malaika means ‘angel’ in Swahili.

Approx. size: 26 cm
Details: felt, large ostrich feathers, crocheted silver wire, pearly white beads and wire coil.
Made by Karoo Angels, Willowmore, South Africa

How to store your angel:
We recommend that you store your angel in the linen bag it arrived in. This will protect the feathers and prevent the wire from discolouring.



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