Angel Justine – the princess

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Justine was the very first angel to be created in Vondeling . She is a small, delicate wire angel of about 11cm with clear beads and sequins. Her tiny feet peeking out from her dress make her a very special angel.

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Angel Justine is proud to be the first ‘born’ in the Vondeling craft group. She uses her status to remain at the top of the popularity pile. She is a darling!

Lovely Justine gets her name from the French feminine form of Justinus.  And Justinus comes from the Latin name Iustinus meaning ‘just, upright, righteous’.  Yes, Justine is a very good angel. She keeps all the other angels in line and makes sure they don’t get up to mischief (as angels tend to do sometimes).

Well-behaved Justine is also beautiful. Since 2006, she has been delicately and expertly knitted in wire by the talented makers at the Angel Factory. She boasts clear beads and sequins.

Justine is ideal to hang on a Christmas tree with all the other lovely decorations, above a fireplace, or in a window.  She will always remind you of the goodness of angels. And as a gift? Well, as Justina of Padua is generally represented in Christian Art crowned as a princess, this angel is perfect to give to the princess in your life.

She will brighten your world! As will her pal Angel Desiree

***The wire used is of superior quality. However, if the wire angels are exposed too long to humidity, they might turn a bit matte and greyish, and it is therefore recommended to store them in the plastic bag together with a small silica bag, when not in use.***

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