Angel Levona – all time classic


Levona is a small feather angel of 11-13cm.  She adorns herself with clear beads and sequins, and she has a wire head and is perfect to hang on a Christmas tree, in a window, or for a small gift for someone really special.


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Introducing the all time classic, Angel Levona! Isn’t she stunning?

Levona means ‘frankincense’ in Hebrew, and frankincense’ comes from the Old French phrase franc encens’, which means ‘high-quality’. Our Levona is a lady of high-quality and elegance!

Lovely Levona totally ‘personifies’ the fragrance. She was our first angel made at the Angel Factory in the heart of the Karoo, South Africa, and therefore our all time classic. She is also a huge favourite with our customers.  We just love her!

Clear beads and sequins adorn her wire head, which gives her a sense of graciousness and elegance.  She is a true lady.

As this gorgeous feather angel is only 11-13cm long, she is ideal to hang on a Christmas tree. She will also look lovely hanging in a window to give a home warmth and love.  But, most importantly, Angel Levona is perfect as a small gift for someone really special.

***Please note: Levona’s feathers might appear a bit flat in the packaging.  But, as soon as your angel is exposed to the air, her feathers will unfold and she will look more and more fluffy and voluminous***

This angel is named after the talented lady Levona of the Vondeling Craft Group.

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Dimensions 18 × 12 × 1 cm


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